Energy Healing – What Is It?


Energy Healing - Amazing Lives with Diane Vickers, MPH

First, What Is Energy?

Energy is required for all functions: to move a muscle, to have a thought, to use any of your senses, to have an emotion, and even to interact socially. Having a constant, balanced and strong flow of energy through your body helps keep you healthy and happy. When energy slows down or gets congested, we, or parts of ourselves, also slow down and get congested. This congestion can show up as fatigue, illness, depression, or makes us more vulnerable to injury.  Socially, how we utilize (or fail to use) our energy may show up in how satisfied you are in your relationships, how effectively you can communicate your ideas, how well you can motivate a group, and even how likely you are to be victimized.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing, a form of laying on of hands healing that is thousands of years old, is one process that helps us to maintain a healthy energy field and therefore a healthy body.  Healers can sense and manipulate this field.  Specific energy frequencies are used to balance the body in a healthy, coherent way. When a person’s field is full, balanced, and coherent, the body can then utilize that strength to heal itself or to prevent illness.

The potential benefits of energy healing sessions include: increased vitality, faster recovery times, decreased pain, reduced depression and anxiety, safe emotional release, increased immunity, and improved mental clarity.

Coaching and education is also be implemented to strengthen and speed the healing process, to teach how to manage energy and life more effectively, to build stronger physical, emotional and intuitive awareness, to present tools and information vital to healthy social and close relationships, and to provide strategies to break unhealthy life patterns and replace them with healthy ones.

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