Your First Visit

Your First Visit at Amazing Lives with Vickers, MPH & Rising Phoenix Integrative Medicine Center


During your first visit, Diane will spend at least 50 minutes (usually a little more) with you in a one-on-one or phone session. She will go over your health and family history, review the intake form you will complete prior to your visit.  The intake form includes information on your habits, diet, and medications and supplements you are taking.  Then you will receive an intuitive energy healing assessment and session.

Before Your Session

Have a little food in your stomach. It’s best not to have your session on an empty stomach. Also, refrain from drinking alcohol for at least several hours before a treatment.

Wear comfortable clothing.  Comfortable fitting clothing allows you greater opportunity to relax during the session.

Avoid vigorous activity.  Two hours before your session, avoid vigorous activity. Your body will not be in its “natural state” shortly after vigorous activity and could impact the assessment.

During Your Session

You will remain fully clothed.  But, we ask that you remove your shoes, if possible, before relaxing on the table.

You may or may not notice the energy work.  You may notice it as warmth, coolness, a vibration.   A smaller number of people see colors, smell something that isn’t present, hear a sound, or have an intuitive knowingness.  If you notice something, please mention it during the session.  It may help you to have a deeper, more profound experience.  If you don’t notice anything, relax and don’t worry about it.  Many people don’t, and it doesn’t reduce the impact of your session.

After Your Session

Relax for a few minutes.  Some patients feel a sense of euphoria after the session. If you feel a little “spacey,” sit quietly for a few minutes until you feel normal.  Sipping some water or tea may help.

Avoid excess.  In the hours after a treatment, your body is still going through a physiological rebalancing process. To maximize the treatment effect, avoid vigorous exercise, hot tubs, and drugs (unless medically indicated) or alcohol for several hours.

Drink water.  For the next 24 hours, drink a little more water than you would normally. 

You may feel more tired than usual after you’ve experienced the first treatment or haven’t had a treatment in a long time. Allow 24-72 hours for your treatment to settle in.