Helping People Create More Health, Happiness & Sense of Fulfillment in Their Lives

Diane Vickers, MPH founded Amazing Lives in 2002 because she desired to create an avenue to help people create more health, happiness & sense of fulfillment in their lives – in other words, to live their most amazing lives possible.

In 2012, Diane helped to found the Rising Phoenix Integrative Medicine Center as an independent health practitioner (Amazing Lives) providing her intuitive energy healing sessions and health education.  Clinicians at Rising Phoenix are among the best integrative medicine clinicians in their respective fields, and Diane is proud to offer the team’s support when warranted for client care.

In the summer of 2012, Diane launched a blog so that even more people can live amazing lives.  This blog highlights the simple things that make a huge difference in the quality of your life.

To learn more about Diane Vickers, view the the drop down menu.  And, check out Diane’s blog and start creating a more amazing life today.