Spend Time With Beauty

Spend Time with BeautyWhat is beauty or what can we call beautiful?  For some it may be a single flower, for others it’s a bouquet, for another it’s a sunset, or perhaps it’s a child’s laughter, the ocean, your loyal puppy, the sound of music, a heart-touching poem, your beloved’s eyes, or even a Harley motorcycle.  We all recognize beauty because it opens us up.  We breathe it in, and it makes us feel something wonderful, as if we get a glimpse of the divine.

Spending time with beauty may seem trivial because it is so easy, but I can’t think of a better way to experience joy and gratitude for life.  You may even sense that little miracles surround us daily if we just open our eyes, and what a magical reality that perception can create. 

So what do I mean by spending time with beauty?  I mean take the time to be with, to truly connect to the essence of that beauty.  People can be surrounded by beauty and never notice that it’s there.  When you spend time with beauty, you take it in.  You allow it to nourish you, to enliven you, and to open yourself to something that is larger.  You may even feel more connected to all that is.  Gratitude comes to you naturally.  Inspiration may even come for a visit. 

Find out for yourself how beauty can enrich your life by asking yourself how can I open up to more beauty right now?  Then experience it, and discover its value.  Believe me.  You’ll want to make experiencing beauty a regular part of your day.