Apryl, Associate Artist, Choreographer & Dancer, Kingston upon Thames

I met Diane a very imbalanced point in my life. I was on an emotional/energy rollercoaster ride. My energy was anxious, nervous and I had difficulty sleeping. I was not grounded. When she worked with me, I felt that frenetic energy even out and calm me. Diane also gave me exercises that I could do on my own. These very simple movement exercises helped immensely. Diane listens deeply to what is going on with you, and uses this information to give you exactly what you need, when you need it.


Diane is an amazing healer! Her intuition is right on. With her healing modalities and intuition Diane helped me to release patterns that were not serving me. She was understanding and compassionate and took the time to make sure I was given all I needed. Thank you Diane, you truly are an amazing healer and I feel blessed that I have had healing sessions with you!


Diane is a true healer. She discovered my thyroid and my liver dysfunction before my MD. I have learned so much about my own ability to manage my energy and particularly my immune system with her help. I consider her energy healing and spiritual insight a critical piece to my overall well being -physically, spiritually and emotionally.