Diane Vickers, MPH

Author, Intuitive Energy Healer & Health Educator

Diane Vickers, Healing, Amazing Lives

Bio & Philosophy

Diane Vickers is an intuitive energy healer & health educator with over 25 years experience working with individuals, groups and organizations. Diane received a Masters in Public Health from UCLA and a BS in Health Science from California State University, Fresno.  She has also studied for over 20 years with Rosalyn Bruyere, one of the world’s premiere energy healers.  For over 30 years, Diane has been an ordained minister with her healing work as her healing ministry.

Diane’s goal is to help clients lead the most amazing, fulfilling, joyful lives possible.  She integrates her mastery of the energy healing arts with her talents as a health educator to not only work holistically with a client’s whole being (body, emotions, mind, and spirit) but to teach clients how to master their own energy and to gracefully deal with life’s challenges.

Diane believes in empowering clients to manage their own energy and to improve their own lives.  Therefore, in addition to directing the specific kinds of energy needed to meet the clients’ goals, her approach includes providing simple tools so clients may learn how to be aware of, increase, hold and use their energy in a more impactful manner while striving for their goals. Click to learn more about Energy Healing

Diane founded Amazing Lives to help her clients learn how to live the lives they’ve always wanted.  She has created a blog to showcase the simple things you can do that make your life much more joyful, healthy and fulfilling.

Diane values the holistic team approach to healing – where health is a cooperative effort between the patient, physician, healer and other complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners.  That is why Diane helped to found the Rising Phoenix Integrative Medicine Center where a dedicated team of physicians and health service practitioners bring their talents in a unified way to provide a holistic and integrated approach to health care.  By bringing our disciplines together, either directly or behind the scenes, clients may receive a more complete, well-rounded program to improve their health and well-being in a faster and more sustainable way.

Although Diane provides intuitive and observational assessments as part of her care, she never diagnoses.  Based on assessment findings, she may encourage clients to discuss certain potential health concerns with their physicians.